Dissemination and exploitation

Dissemination and exploitation. The activities will begin from the first month of research, and we foresee an articulated series of activities diversified according to the different targets to be addressed.The Press Office unit of IBAM CNR will guarantee its collaboration in the dissemination and promotion of activities.

The dissemination of results will be provided consistently and will be particularly concentrated during the mid- term and the completion of the project. The activities are listed below:

  1. International conferences and panels;
  2. Publications;
  3. Dissemination via web;
  4. International network.


The project results will be used for a new project aimed at engaging users as virtual ‘soundwalkers’ in the exploration of a soundscape in antiquity through a virtual tour.



9-14 July 2018| Toulouse (France)

ESOF 2018: EuroScience Open Forum



26-28 June 2018| Padova (Italy)

MSCA Marathon 2018



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