Enhancing the potential and future career prospects of the researcher

The project will certainly be an important step in Angela Bellia’ career as an independent researcher, improving her ability to lead international projects and collaborations, from their conceptualisation to publication. It is clear that such a project will be an opportunity to improve her research capabilities and prove her maturity as an all-round researcher in archaeomusicology with strong expertise in the research, development, and application of digital heritage methods and technology.

This research also has an important place in the network created around the Archaeomusicology Interest Group. It is necessary to strengthen this scholarly community in order to foster networks among scholars in archaeomusicology and more widely in digital heritage.

The project is aimed at making significant impact on the current academic environment. Indeed, it will contribute to:

  1. Preparing the ground for similar international projects.
  2. Providing a valuable opportunity for supporting individual excellence in the humanities field.
  3. Taking part in the current debate on collaboration between humanities and technology, widening digital culture and knowledge networks.

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