This project presents an occasion for the researcher to enhance her training and research career by leading a scientific programme on the basis of new hypotheses, thanks to digital technology. These skills are important for the development of a project like STESICHOROS. The goal is to carry out new and different kinds of 3D data acquisition and acoustic technologies. Her aim is to become an expert researcher with an original profile and background built on interdisciplinary expertise at the crossroads of archaeomusicology and digital heritage. The training will include:

  • New skills in the use of post-processing software and acoustic techniques based on computerised models.
  • New skills in development of e-infrastructures for cultural heritage.

New skills in cultural and digital heritage.

Selinunte, southern sector of Main Urban Sanctuary on the Acropolis. Adriana La porta, Filippo Pisciotta, Allyson MacDavid and DAI-Atlas (from C. Marconi and D. Scahill 2015).

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